Ice Skating at Discovery Green

December 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’ve been taking advantage of this deliciously chilly weather (ignore the past couple of days with highs in the 70’s…) With the boy in town recently, I was sure to plan out numerous Christmasy things for us to do while he was in Houston. And what inspires the holiday spirit more than some ice skating?! As I’ve posted before, I love Discovery Green Park in the heart of downtown and they set up an adorable little ice rink during the holiday season. You can find out more about the ICE at Discovery Green here.







I’m a pretty terrible ice skater, but David is fantastic – he grew up playing ice hockey. He really enjoys skating and I think I’ve certainly improved over time. This rink isn’t the biggest but it has a gorgeous view and is surrounded with Christmas lights at night time. Definitely recommend it this holiday season!

We finished our holiday outings with an amazing dinner at the Tasting Room and a stroll through River Oaks looking at Christmas lights. Yall… those houses! Oh my goodness gracious they are breathtaking, not to mention the Christmas lights were magical. We pointed out our favorite dream houses with fantasies we could some day afford them, went home and took a relaxing bubble bath, and watched Love Actually. My idea of a perfectly Christmasy night. What are your favorite things to do during the holidays? Any Houstonians – holiday activity recommendations would be wonderful!


The Tasting Room

September 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Wednesday night I had a lovely dinner date with one of my dearest friends, Savita. I’m so thankful she has been in Houston for the past few weeks for work (she is a recently “newish” transplant to St. Louis), so its been nice to do a bit of Houston dining exploring with her while she is here. We had dinner at a wine cafe called The Tasting Room. It has four locations and we went to the Uptown Park location, less than a mile away from Sav’s hotel. The restaurant’s atmosphere is upbeat-with a mix of casual friends on the patio drinking wine, business folk relaxing at the wine bar after work, to groups of people just hanging around eating and drinking their decadent wines. There was open seating, which was kind of a cool flair, because it gave the place a very laid back vibe.
Naturally, we started our meal off with a carafe of House Garnacha red wine – highly recommend. We both like dry smooth red wines and this one was very similar to a cabernet. We had no problem finishing the entire carafe.

We ordered two “small plates”, Truffle Parmesan Fries and Classic Bruschetta. We both love fries. And they were AMAZE. Honestly, the bruschetta was not really a “classic” version of the dish, but it was delicious nonetheless. It had a pesto sauce, tomatoes, cheese, and plenty of basil.

We ordered an entree at the beginning of the meal, and unfortunately, our waitress was a little scattered and rarely made an appearance at our table. After finishing our small plates and waiting for quite a while, we asked her when our entree would be out-only to discover she hadn’t put the order in. The poor service was a disappointment coupled with the delicious food and wine, but by then we were pretty full so we just went with dessert! (which was fine with me, dessert is always my top fav) Creme Brulee for me and a Nutella Brownie with ice cream for Sav. We shared both, of course.

Overall, the Tasting Room’s food was very good and their wine was impeccable. Also, I missed the opportunity to get a picture of the adorable outdoor patio with string lights. I would recommend this restaurant for anyone looking to have a relaxing evening with wine, whether eating a meal or not. The atmosphere is perfect for a chill night with girlfriends or a fun date! (Just beware, the less than satisfactory service isn’t ideal if you’re in a rush.)

Learn more about the Tasting Room here.

Discovery Green Park

September 6, 2013 § 1 Comment

This week my sweet pup and I went to Discovery Green Park for the first time!  We haven’t really been able to “celebrate” her feeling better and being healthy since her back issues, so I figured this was the perfect little adventure for us.  The park is located in the heart of downtown and is super lively with the busy work folks walking to lunch, quaint little restaurants, and gorgeous architectural sculptures.  There is a dog run specifically for dogs to have a place to play unleashed.  Find out more about the park here.

Here are a few pictures I snapped while playing!

discovery greendiscovery green 1discovery green3dg1dg2



August 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

This past Tuesday, a very dear friend of mine was luckily (for me!) staying in downtown Houston for the week! Naturally, we decided to meet up for dinner and drinks.  Being a new native to downtownish Houston, we weren’t sure which eatery we should select to get sufficiently tipsy and devour delicious food.  We decided upon Benjys based on their super chic website and some friendly recommendations.  The restaurant is neatly tucked into adorably fabulous Rice Village and proudly serves “Modern American Food”, and uses ingredients & is part of the Houston Local Foods organization. So, here is my novice little own personal review of their decadent food and impeccable drinks!


The industrial lighting created the perfect little ambience, paired with their contrastly “comfy” eclectic seating. 


(left) House Smoked Salmon with grapefruit.







                                          (right) Asian Sesame Salad and “Margherita” Pizza.




While the food was absolutely amazing (ALSO, our waiter surprised us with a free appetizer of these deliciously grilled brussel sprouts – YUM); their drinks were definitely my favorite of the night.  I had a Blood Orange Margarita & a Gin cocktail with Pimm’s Liquer with cucumber and melon, and Savita had a Lemon Basil gimlet (uhh-mazing) & gin cocktail called a Texas Mule.  They were all crafted uniquely and were delish! (and strong…)




At the end of the night, after we had stuffed ourselves full and we’re feelin good with our drinks, our waiter surprised us with a complimentary dessert! It was the perfect ending to a wonderful and decadent dinner with the loveliest friend.


Hold, Please

July 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

My internship at the Make-A-Wish Foundation is sadly coming to an end. It seems just yesterday that I was nervously walking in with my perfectly planned outfit and packed lunch.  It saddens me to think I won’t be making the long hour drive each morning to the office, but I couldn’t be more thankful for what I gained from the experience.  I have truly learned so much about the non-profit sector of business in my 3 short months of working at the Houston chapter. My experiences with the volunteers and wish families truly did change my perspective on so many things and really reignited my passion for serving and helping those in my community.  This internship has made me more confident in my career aspirations and solidified my goals in working in the human services field.

My supervising Wish Coordinator was sweet enough to give me a little “wish goodie bag” – which we package and send to the wish kiddos before their wish – and mine came with the MAW bag, a MAW mug & tumbler (for the true coffee addict in me), Tshirt, MAW magnets, and other Barbie & little trinket jewelry goodies that the wish kids get in their bags. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity and I plan to continue to volunteer with the organization in the future while going to school in Houston.


This is the Make-A-Wish house in Houston, and I took this picture the first time I ever visited for my interview.  Hard to believe it’s been almost six months since that day!

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