Coffee Date

February 3, 2014 § 5 Comments

It has been so long and far overdue for me to post here. Have you ever had one of those tasks that you put off for so long that you don’t even know where to start to tackle it? Yeah, me too. So, I thought this was the perfect time to post a little coffee date to give a quick rundown and whats been going on with me.

Instead of boring you with paragraph upon paragraph (yes, I could go on forever) I’ll resort to my OCD ways and put together a quick & dirty bulleted list of what I’ve been up to lately.

What I’ve done lately:
— celebrated the most wonderful little Christmas with my family
— spent NYE in Austin with my besties from childhood
— finished reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (so good! def recommend for those interested in social, political, & health related readings) side note – I can’t figure out how to underline :/ help
— finally got David hooked on bubble baths
— took too many bubble baths
— overdosed on scrumptious holiday goodies & overpriced brunches… and gained some “fluff” (ahem, see next bullet)
— got back onto my health kick & have been upping my daily protein
— started a weight training program
— got accepted for a Graduate Teaching Assistant (!!!)

What I plan on doing soon:
— finish reading Outliers (again, don’t know how to underline. help)
— finally get around to posting Liebster Award blog post! These two lovely ladies nominated me!! Unpack the Box! & alice in wonder
— post my new favorite protein breakfast recipe
— fill out my Practicum application for what site I want to complete my residency at (yay!)
— drink more green tea
— find new fav happy hour spots
— get a tan … haha yeah right, its still freezing

Here’s to staying more dedicated and putting more life into this blog!









I’m Alive!

December 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

alas, I am still living!

hello december

I have finally dug my way through the rubble of final exams, final papers, and Thanksgiving craziness! Today I took my very last final of the semester and could not be happier! “LAST DAY OF THE SEMESTER” has been crossed off in my little and oh-so-worn-out planner, and I am happy to get off work each day and simply relax. You better believe I’ve been sporting an oversized sweater, leggings, and slippers all this month while studying. Now, I get to sport that super sexy outfit (ahem), but without the studying!

Super big bonus – I am finished, yes finished, with ALL of my Christmas shopping! I am very impressed with myself for getting it all done so early this season.
I have much to update and catch up on…perhaps I will post a ‘coffee date’ post soon?! Until then, wishing you the coziest of seasons!

That One Horrible Day

November 13, 2013 § 12 Comments

This weekend something horrible happened.

I took my dog to a park in the Heights in downtown Houston. If you’re familiar with Houston, you know this part of town is extremely beautiful; beautiful over-sized Victorian homes, beautiful perfectly manicured landscaping, and beautiful cars. I absolutely love this area and love the gorgeous park with rolling hills and the outskirt surrounding of tall city buildings. I parallel parked my car in one of the designated parking areas, went around to my passenger side to safely take Belle out of the car without being subject to oncoming traffic, and we went about our walk.
The weather was just perfect, I snapped multiple pictures, and Belle was having a blast running up and down the hills. We walked back to my car and just as we were venturing up the tiny hill to the parking area, I noticed something strange on my passenger window. It looked like little razored pieces were placed around the edge of my passenger door. Any normal person would realize that the window had been smashed, but I was so naive it did not even dawn on me that this is what had happened. As I got closer to the car I saw it all. Glass shattered in millions of shards all over the ground. Window completely gone and even more millions of glass pieces scattered across my passenger seat, driver’s seat, and back seat floor. When I astonishingly looked inside, I realized my purse and belongings had fled the scene along with the violating thief.
I wasn’t sure how to respond. I was so confused, how had this happened? I had safely tucked my purse and belongings under my passenger seat as always and double locked my doors – with the little safety “beep” and everything! I sat down in the grass beside my car, scooped Belle into my lap, and called the police. By now I was sobbing, the dispatcher could barely understand me, and I was panicked to quickly get through the first call to start making the next hundred calls to insurance companies and banks. There is no other word to describe my feelings than violated. It is one thing to have items stolen, but it is and entirely different and violent thing for someone to smash my window, rummage through my things, and then pick and choose which valuable things to take as their own.

How could this happen? I took all the precautions that have been ingrained in my head through “friends of a friends” horror stories and Lifetime movies. Why did this happen to me? I’m a good person!
Its funny that only three days later, I kind of view this horrible event as a blessing in disguise. This didn’t “happen to me”, things don’t just happen because of some believed divine intervention of “karma”. I’m not a bad person. I did nothing wrong. This is not a punishment. If it didn’t happen to me, it would’ve happened to someone else at the park that day. Sometimes we stumble upon the worst things simply so that we may grow and learn from them. Yes, it sucks. Excuse my unladylike language, but it really freaking sucks. I have to file multiple claims with my insurance to get most of my things replaced, order new debit and credit cards, get my car window fixed, and file claims to have the fraudulent charges hopefully refunded. I had countless business cards in my wallet, prescription medicines, perfume, relatively expensive makeup, notes, and not to mention my favorite wallet and purse taken from me!
But, all of these things are replaceable. I am safe. My wonderful pup is safe. And, I still have my car (big phew). It scared me and still does. But, I can’t let the wrong doing of one person ruin the way I go about my day to day activities. And, yes, I will still go to that park because Belle and I absolutely love it! I will not live in fear or sadness because one person made the wrong decision. I was not wronged. They were in the wrong, but I will not be wronged.

Future Reflection

November 7, 2013 § 1 Comment


I have always been a perfectionist in my own way.  As the first born girl of three, I in many ways encapsulate the stereotypical Adlerian first born child tendencies – Type A, overly cautious, and quite the people pleaser.  My mother still jokes about the time I was in third grade and made a B on a math test, and on the drive home through teary-eyed sobs I explained to her how I’d never graduate college due to this below the par of excellence grade of 88.  Seems hilariously silly now, but at the time – goodness gracious – I was the most stressed 8 year old you could find. This is how my mind has always seemed to work; striving for the best, being hard on myself, and always wanting to accomplish more.

Through my little time in graduate school this past semester, I have come to see these traits as both a curse and a blessing.  During my undergrad career getting into graduate school was the goal.  Now that I am here I am surrounded by the most intelligent people, and now it almost seems inevitable that I have to get my PhD!  Part of this may because I am so excited about everything I’m learning.  I’m like a sponge trying to soak in every last drop of knowledge.  Maybe I am just one of those people who loves school.  And I do, I certainly do.  

I’m learning differently than I ever have before, its not just for memorization but food for thought, analyzing, and real life application.  I want to be the best I can be in my field, and I have so many newly developed goals for my career that are continuously evolving.  Who knows if I will ever go beyond my Masters degree.  Who knows where life will lead me after I graduate in a year and a half.  For now, I’m just trying to take this “continuing education” thing one step at a time. Maybe Adler had it right, maybe it is just the first born in me.

Fall Relaxation

November 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Feeling very thankful and blessed for this rare night of relaxation.


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